After thirteen inspiring years of dealing with people, we’ve learned a lot on how to entertain people.

During all these years we’ve connected fans with their idols, we’ve seen groups of friends partying together and strangers socializing in unconventional places. We’ve also seen how brands adapted to their audience to always fit the occasion. It all happened via on trade locations we have created for our audience such as Studio Martin, Entourage, The Mission event and platform. Those experiences helped us learn almost everything there is to know on what entertainment is really about.

Therefore it came natural for us to unable the dialogue between people and brands by using all that know-how in one-to-one engagement activations. And in today’s world, when it comes to one-to-one engagement, a new way of entertainment is needed.

People want to live experiences they can talk about but they aren’t always easy to reach. In order to connect with people, we translate brand messages into entertaining stories with the objective to awaken the consumer’s inner-child. We believe entertainment can happen through any one-to-one channel as long as the message is relevant to the audience. There are no proper channels; brands need to engage with their audience on the streets, at the malls, in the parks, at work and whenever/wherever the consumer is willing to interact.